Allxon’s Portal with Vecow’s Edge AI Computing Power

By Chad Cox

Production Editor

Embedded Computing Design

August 02, 2023


Allxon’s Portal with Vecow’s Edge AI Computing Power
Image Credit: Vecow

Vecow and Allxon are extending its partnership to integrate Edge AI Remote Management into valued-added solutions. The collaboration will see Allxon’s portal with Vecow’s Edge AI Computing platforms. "Vecow is excited to expand the partnership with Allxon," said Hugh Hsu, Senior Product Manager, Embedded Systems & Platform Division at Vecow. "Vecow Edge AI Computing Systems support full-scale functionalities with Vecow customized plugin station. Together, with Allxon, Vecow provides our customers with added flexibility, efficiency, and safety to manage their Edge devices."

The goal is to deliver a more intelligent, simple to use systems ideal for applications such as autonomous mobile robots (AMR), services-centered remote device management, real-time video analytics, in-vehicle computing, automated optical inspection (AOI), and smart manufacturing.

“Operators can remote bulk update BSPs, files, and scripts for NVIDIA Jetson platforms and remote monitor their device power consumption, GPU/CPU performance, and other information, making it easier to the overall management of edge AI applications," added Alex Liu, CEO of Allxon.

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