AVerMedia Launches Two NVIDIA-based Services to Accelerate AI Deployments at the Edge

June 20, 2023

Press Release

Company’s AVerAI Software Platform Migration and Model Optimization Services Streamline the Transition to NVIDIA Edge Hardware and Optimize the AI Model Development Process.

TAIPEI. AVerMedia Technologies, a leading provider of embedded vision solutions that unlock industries of the future, has launched two new services in its Advance Vision version of Autonomous Intelligence (AVerAI) portfolio that accelerate the intelligent edge system transition for machine vision, smart agriculture, and fleet management partners. An x86-to-Arm software platform migration service migrates Linux software to NVIDIA Jetson Orin devices such as the AVerMedia D315AOB BoxPC, while a model optimization service tunes the NVIDIA Jetson SDK and TAO Toolkit to pre-train AI models for specific customer use cases.

The AVerAI x86-to-Arm Linux software platform migration service eases the adoption of powerful new NVIDIA GPUs that efficiently execute demanding edge workloads like industrial vision systems and driver behavior monitoring. The software migration service streamlines the port from Intel® processor-based hardware to these higher performance NVIDIA platforms so users can start prototyping on NVIDIA® Jetson AGX Orin, Jetson Orin Nano, and Jetson Orin NX kits, or deploy bespoke NVIDIA hardware and board support packages (BSPs) optimized by AVerMedia’s ODM business.

“A lot of people want to transfer from Intel® to NVIDIA® GPUs and need help with the transition,” says Vincent Tsai, Global Marketing Director for AVerMedia Technologies. “Most customers are not familiar with how software works in the different environments, but we’ve been doing this for four years, and as a certified partner we’re able to optimize for AVerMedia hardware targets.

“We also collaborate with partners to add this support for platforms that are already deployed in the field,” he adds.

With the platform software migration complete, AVerMedia partners can take advantage of the AVerAI model optimization service. The AI model optimization service leverages the NVIDIA TAO Toolkit’s AutoML capabilities to quickly refine off-the-shelf models with user application images taken in the field. 

At COMPUTEX TAIPEI, AVerMedia showcased how models developed using the AVerAI service could be combine with application-layer tools like NVIDIA’s multimedia streaming analytics SDK, DeepStream, to bring intelligent edge solutions like AI-powered coffee bean picker and driver monitoring systems to life. 

The “AI Green Coffee Bean Selection Machine” is built on NVIDIA Jetson Orin NX technology with 8 GB or 16 GB of memory and ample GbE (2x), USB 3.0 (3x), HDMI (1x), and pin interfaces (20x). In addition to two M.2 slots for Wi-Fi connectivity or additional SSD storage, the bean sorter also features a 4K zoom lens with AI scene recognition to perform highly efficient sorting independent of human operators. 

A prototyped driver monitoring system designed around the all-in-one AVerAI NO135K Box PC has also been constructed to demonstrate the capabilities of intelligent edge transportation systems to fleet managers. 

The AVerAI software platform migration and AI model optimization services are available now with the purchase of select AVerMedia BoxPCs. For more information on AVerMedia Technology’s AVerAI services and compatible NVIDIA BoxPCs, visit www.avermedia.com/professional/products?category=Box-PC.

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