GlobalSign Releases IoT Edge Enroll v2

By Perry Cohen

Associate Editor

Embedded Computing Design

July 14, 2020


GlobalSign Releases IoT Edge Enroll v2

GMO GlobalSign announced the availability of its IoT Edge Enroll v2, an IoT device identity enrollment and management service.

GMO GlobalSign announced the availability of its IoT Edge Enroll v2, an IoT device identity enrollment and management service. The purpose of the service is to secure and optimize device enrollment in GlobalSign’s public key infrastructure (PKI) IoT identity platform.

Further, it’s built on a modular, extensible framework and delivers enrollment security, as well as customizable enrollment rules.

“GlobalSign initially developed IoT Edge Enroll to meet basic IoT device enrollment needs,” said vice president of IoT solutions at GlobalSign Lancen LaChance, in a press release. “This new release is far more advanced. It enables advanced control and management with the most comprehensive, flexible, commercial PKI device enrollment feature set available on the market today.

“It solves the challenges that manufacturers and operators face with extensible and secure design that’s flexible for evolving and emerging IoT needs.”

IoT Edge Enroll v2 key features per the release include:

  • Standards-based APIs for secure interoperability
  • Dedicated, RESTful Admin API for secure admin functions
  • TPM attestation support – Integrating secure microprocessor hardware with device identity credentialing
  • Custom certificate profiles – Can be applied to all types of x.509 certificates
  • Certificate templating engine – Dynamically generate certificate fields from external sources and authenticate against enrollment policies
  • Device Identity Manager – Allows admins to manage unique device identities throughout their lifecycles
  • Enrollment Policy Engine – For enhanced security so levels of authentication for security and compliance can be easily set

Edge Enroll v2 leverages its features to simplify configuration and setup of the enrollment. It does so while being ideal for interoperability with IoT cloud platforms.

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