Product of the Week: ADLINK's Ampere Altra Developer Platform & Development Kit

November 20, 2023

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Product of the Week: ADLINK's Ampere Altra Developer Platform & Development Kit

Cloud-to-edge development for real-time applications and compute-intensive tasks requires a suite of solutions encompassing modularity and scalability, high-performance capability, various I/O interfaces, as well as customization opportunities.

One solution that supports the aforementioned features is Ampere Altra Developer Platform from ADLINK. The AADP encloses the 32/64/96/128-core COM-HPC Ampere Altra module and reference carrier board, the COM-HPC Server Base, and is powered by the Arm ecosystem and Ampere Altra SoC (Arm Neoverse N1 architecture).

The AADP prototyping system is designed for embedded applications such as medical imaging, robotic surgery, robotics, and autonomous driving, enabling the functional emulation of software development and hardware verification end products.

ADLINK's Ampere Altra Developer Platform in Action

The Ampere Altra Developer Platform supports up to 128 Ampere Altra cores at 2.6GHz on the COM-HPC-ALT Server Type module, in addition to up to 64 PCIe Gen4 lanes (3 x16 available), and less than 150W of power consumption. The platform also offers up to six 16 GB of  DDR4 memory and up to 256 GB of NVMe storage.

For additional I/O, the AADP provides four optional 10GbE (optional) and one GbE LAN. There are also four USB 3.0/2.0 on the rear I/O, and two USB 3.0 available on the front panel, and open source EDKII and pre-installed Ubuntu Server OS. The rear I/O also supports the Intel MAC/PHY based on Intel Ethernet Controller I210 with 10/100/1000 Mbit/s Ethernet connection.

Other features of the Ampere Altra Developer Platform include liquid cooling assembly, a 750W power unit, and a tower enclosure.

The IoT Prototype Kit based on the Ampere Altra includes:

  • COM-HPC-ALT Server Type Size E Module with Ampere Altra SoC
  • COM-HPC Server Base carrier
  • THSF-ALT-BL-S heatsink with fan
  • 2x Power part heatsinks
  • VGA to HDMI adapter
  • I/O Shield

Further, the Ampere Altra Dev Kit supports 32/64/96/128 Arm v8.2 64-bit cores up to 1.7/2.2/2.6/2.8 GHz, and up to 768GB of DDR4 memory. The COM-HPC Server base provides up to 3 x16, 2 x4 PCIe slots, two M.2 storage connectors, VGA, one GbE LAN, four USB 3.0/2.0 on the rear I/O, GPIOs, and other management buses.

Getting Started with ADLINK's Ampere Altra Developer Platform

For easy integration and installation, ADLINK's Ampere Altra Developer Platform features

Arm SystemReady SR certification with adherence to Base System Architecture (BSA) and Base Boot Requirements (BBR) specifications. This certification also enables x86 and the Arm64 ecosystem integration with Arm64 workstations.

For a closer look into the Ampere Altra Developer Platform, check out the YouTube video below.

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