Vecow, with Kudan, Reveal the Vecow Turnkey SLAM Kit

By Chad Cox

Production Editor

Embedded Computing Design

July 03, 2024


Vecow, with Kudan, Reveal the Vecow Turnkey SLAM Kit
Image Credit: Vecow

Vecow and Kudan revealed a the release of Vecow’s Turnkey SLAM Kit (VTK SLAM Kit). Integrating Vecow’s ultra-compact fanless system with added sensors and IMUs, along with Kudan’s SLAM technologies, this collaboration aims to cater to the rising demand for navigation and mapping solutions in unknown environments.

"Vecow and Kudan have a well-established history of collaboration in AMR applications,” said Bryan Huang, Product Manager at Vecow. “This expanded partnership takes advantage of Kudan’s specialized SLAM technologies. By integrating Vecow’s high-performance system with Kudan's technologies, we have enhanced the VTK SLAM kit. This integration will enable our customers in the mobile robotics sector to achieve faster time-to-market. Additionally, we are committed to further increasing the adoption of the VTK solution as a key outcome of this partnership.”

The Vecow VTK offers a turnkey solution for enabling AI  and AP (Artificial Perception) applications at the edge, such as traffic vision, surveillance, and factory automation, utilizing the advancements from the VTK Traffic Vision and VTK Public Security solutions.

The VTK SLAM Kit features cutting-edge hardware and software integration, comprising the Vecow Ultra-compact Fanless System - SPC-7100 with an 11th Gen Intel Core i7/i5 processor, Movella Xsens MTI-670 IMU, Intel RealSense Depth Camera D455, and Ouster OS0-32 Lidar. With Kudan’s SLAM software, this kit delivers superior performance and capabilities that exceed traditional localization approaches.


  • 3D-LiDAR based SLAM or Visual/camera-based SLAM software is pre-installed for mapping and positioning functionalities.
  • Capable for multi-sensor fusion, including IMU, GNSS, Wheel Odometry, 2D-LiDAR, multiple cameras or multiple 3D-LiDARs
  • Quickly access to best-in-class localization and mapping technology and help accelerate development of products and solutions that need accurate and reliable position tracking in both indoor and outdoor environments.

“Partnering with Vecow on the VTK SLAM Kit leverages our advanced SLAM technology to offer quick access to best-in-class mapping and localization solution for navigation in complex environments,” said Tian Hao, COO of Kudan. “This collaboration underscores our commitment to delivering cutting-edge SLAM software that meets the evolving needs of industries such as robotics and autonomous systems. By integrating our technology with Vecow’s sophisticated hardware, we are paving the way for enhanced innovation and efficiency in automation applications.”

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