Smart Digital Signage Solution and Virtual Barrier System Highlights Products on Display at embedded world

February 14, 2020

Press Release

GIGABYTE and GIGAIPC to showcase their design expertise with latest round of products at embedded world.

GIGABYTE and GIGAIPC Showcase Their Design Expertise with Latest Round of Products

February 6, 2020, Taipei, Taiwan—GIGAIPC, a designer and manufacturer of industrial PC technology, and GIGABYTE, a manufacturer and supplier of motherboards and other computer hardware, are jointly announcing a pair of products, each the first in a series. The two products, the Digital Signage and iFence virtual barrier, can operate either in concert or as separate stand-alone systems.

GIGAIPC and GIGABYTE will showcase the Digital Signage and iFence products at Embedded World 2020 in Nuremberg, Germany on February 25-27 at Stand 154 in Hall 3.

The Smart Digital Signage is a total solution that aims for “precision marketing” in the retail sector. Designed around Intel’s Smart Display Module (SDM), the platform delivers the intelligence and interoperability needed to satisfy the Open Pluggable Specification (OPS), a computing module plug-in format that allows OEMs to customize the flat-panel displays for specific needs and applications. GIGAIPC is certified by Intel as a Smart Display Module solution partner.

By eliminating the housing that’s typically required in such displays, the GIGAIPC solution is the thinnest integrated display currently available. The SDM’s plug-and-use architecture lets developers and systems integrators upgrade only the SDM module without purchasing an entirely new touch panel, thereby reducing costs.

The SDM is designed for digital signage applications in areas including shopping malls, retail stores, food courts, theaters, and so on.

When combined with a low-cost time-of-flight (ToF) three-dimensional depth (3D) camera, the GIGAIPC Smart Model Display can detect a visitor’s gender, age, motion, etc., then provide appropriate advertisements for products that person is likely to purchase. It can collect customers’ behavior that can be stored and analyzed later to produce a well-rounded marketing plan.

The Smart Display modules are now in mass production. More information can be found at

The GIGABYTE iFence is a virtual barrier that employs 3D ToF sensors to observe and detect restricted areas. It can also detect the speed and volume of objects that move through the restricted area. The iFence’s required memory footprint is smaller than that of competitive products, resulting in a more efficient deign and a lower overall system cost. In addition, a unique key feature allows for calibration that fits exactly with customers’ requirements. Real-time performance is enabled thanks to the use of the latest Edge technologies.

The iFence is a perfect solution for hotels, museums, airports, farms, office buildings, and any other locations where it’s imperative to detect people and/or other moving objects. Application areas include medical/healthcare, smart retail, robotics, and manufacturing.

The iFence virtual barrier (product number T01-U2RP) is now available by project base. More information can be found at


Based in Taiwan, GIGAIPC was established in 2018 as an independent IPC-focused spin-off from GIGABYTE. The company’s sophisticated research and development department enables it to keep pace with today’s technology. Boasting world class service and support, GIGAIPC provides standardized off-the-shelf products or customized solutions to system integrators, OEMs and ODMs. See more information at


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