Dev Kit Weekly: Infineon XENSIV Sensors Getting Started Box IoT Development Kit

September 17, 2020


This week we’ll be giving away 9 of the Infineon XENSIV Sensors Getting Started Box IoT Development Kits for free, thanks to our sponsor Digi Key.

Despite the kit being packed with 13 different pieces, the star of the show is the XMC1100 Boot Kit for Arduino. Obviously by the name, the XMC1100 is compatible with Arduino shields. But, it features so much more.

Firstly, four different boot modes are available for the XMC1100 including UART bootstrap-loader mode, user mode half after reset, user mode productive, and user mode debug, which is the default mode of device on the boot kit. The modes can be configured with either DAVE or MemTool.

Also featured on the Boot Kit is an ARM Cortex-M0 microcontroller with a 32 MHz and 64 MHz timer clock. Further, users have access to 64 kB flash and 16 kB RAM

You’ll also find a 6 channel 12-bit ADC, 4x 16-bit timer, and a real time clock.

As far as I/O goes, the XMC1100 CPU Card has 10 pin connector mounting holes at IOH and 8 pin connector mounting holes at IOL. Sixteen of the pins are either digital input or outputs.

The kit hosts a wide range of connectivity options that include a UART virtual COM port with a micro USB connector and USIC with UART, SPI, I2C, I2S, and LIN, in addition to a detachable SEGGER J-Link debugger.

Equally important as the XMC1100 is the Shield2Go Adapter board that is included with the kit.

Shield2Go hosts one Infineon IC and even comes with a ready to use Arduino library. With Shield2Go, users are able to develop system solutions by combining the board with Infineon’s My IoT Adapters. The adapters are gateways to hardware solutions like Arduino and Raspberry PI.

All of the Shield2Go boards share a common pinout design, meaning they’re hard coded to functions like SPI or I2C.

Also included with the XENSIV Sensors Getting Started Box IoT Development Kit is a 3D Magnetic Hall Sensor, a rotate knob, a joy stick, the OPTIGA Trust E Hardware security chip, a pressure sensor, a current sensor, a digital MEMS silicon microphone, Wemos Formfactor including BLE and WIFI functionality, dual-adapter trust-X, a USB cable, and solderless connectors.

If you want one of the XENSIV Sensors Getting Started Box IoT Development Kits for yourself, you can buy one directly from DigiKey for $143.75. OR, thanks to DigiKey, you can enter this week’s raffle and try to win one of nine that we’re giving away for free.

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