DEV KIT WEEKLY: NimbleLink Skywire Development Kit 2 from GetWireless

May 14, 2021


Talk about flexibility. Well, we’re about to get a lot more flexible.

The kit comes in a standard Arduino form factor, but you’ll notice that it also has these pins at the top. This is known as the Skywire interface, and it allows users to plug in any NimbleLink Skywire embedded modem except the Skywire Nano – be it an NB-IoT modem; LTE Category M; 4G LTE Cat 1, 3 or 4; and even 3G devices. The 20-pin interface gives you access to any of them, though you’ll have to purchase a Skywire modem separately. Although you do get a NimbleLink AT&T SIM with the kit, and, if you’re so inclined, you can even get a data plan if you purchase NimbleLink’s Bundled Data Plan Service.

So, all that, plus debug cables and a power supply that will get you juice via this barrel connector will set you back about $125. Not bad to get that much of a jump on telematics, asset tracking, and remote monitoring and management for industrial, agricultural, transportation, smart city, and a host of other vertical applications.

But we can do you one better. Actually, two better. If you fill out the form that’s linked to on the screen or in the description below, and are one of this week’s two lucky winners, we’ll send you a Skywire Development Kit 2 complete with all the above for absolutely free, courtesy GetWireless.

Can’t really beat that.

But that’s all for this week. Good luck in the raffle. Hopefully you’ll be getting plugged in (or would it be streamed in?) with the SWDK2. We’ll see you next week on Dev Kit Weekly.