AiM Future Bullseyes Next-Gen Edge AI

By Chad Cox

Production Editor

Embedded Computing Design

September 20, 2023


Image Credit: AiM Future

Seoul, South Korea, and San Jose, California. AiM Future is excited about its new family of NeuroMosAIc Processors boasting a 60% increase of performance over earlier designs. AiM Future has developed three solutions as part of its new family, the ultra-low power NMP-350, the efficient NMP-550, and an edge deployed focused NMP-750. The platforms support NeuroMosAIc Studio enabling accelerated AI applications in computer vision, audio, and multi-sensor fusion.

Architecture 2.6 is utilized to accommodate double the AI compute density, increased activation function acceleration, and advanced system utilization. AiM Future is extending its ecosystems to provide AI reliability when communicating with various real-time sensor data within existing size, weight, and power (SWaP).

The NMP-350, NMP-550, and NMP-750 are available as a coprocessor when aligned with an Arm Cortex-A or Cortex-M processor and also sees AiM Futire joining the Arm AI Partner Program ensuring growth with more advanced and streamlined AI deployments across many industries.  

“While our NeuroMosAIc Processor addresses the problems closest to the point of data creation, achieving the goals of the program requires the integration of numerous complex technologies,” says Jaehwa Kwak, CTO of AiM Future, “The program offers an excellent opportunity for AiM Future to collaborate with a collection of international experts at the forefront of AI research and development. We are eager to demonstrate what the future holds for these innovative technologies.”

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