Alphawave Semi Leverages Arm's Neoverse Compute Subsystems for AI/ML Applications

By Chad Cox

Production Editor

Embedded Computing Design

June 10, 2024


Image Credit: Alphawave Semi

London, United Kingdom / Toronto, Canada. In 2023, Alphawave Semi joined Arm Total Design and leveraged its collaboration with Arm to design an innovative compute chiplet built on Arm's Neoverse Compute Subsystems (CSS). The platform is ideal for artificial intelligence/machine learning (AI/ML), high-performance compute (HPC), data centers, and 5G/6G networking infrastructure applications.

According to the company, its chiplet-based custom silicon design solution adds a differentiator in its portfolio including IO extension chiplets, memory chiplets, compute chiplets, and Alphawave Semi’s ultra-high-speed connectivity IP and advanced packaging proficiencies.

“Our Arm-based compute chiplet is a critical component in Alphawave Semi’s custom silicon platform and a demonstration of both our IP, SoC and packaging capabilities and our successful strategic partnership with Arm,” said Mohit Gupta, Senior VP & GM, Custom Silicon & IP, Alphawave Semi.

Alphawave Semi’s portfolio features an Arm Neoverse N3 CPU core cluster and the Arm Coherent Mesh Network (CMN) ensuring efficient, scalable performance. Accessible on industry-leading process nodes, the SoCs allow quick deployment of high-performance digital infrastructure in order to create custom silicon solutions.

Eddie Ramirez, Vice President of Go-to-Market, Infrastructure Line of Business, Arm offered, “Alphawave Semi’s new advanced compute chiplet is a fantastic example of how industry-leading companies are leveraging the performance-optimization and power efficiency benefits of Neoverse CSS to get to market faster and power the next-generation AI and HPC workloads.”

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