The Most Technical Time of the Year

By Perry Cohen

Associate Editor

Embedded Computing Design

February 18, 2021

The Most Technical Time of the Year

Embedded world is just about here, but this year’s event is different – like so many other conferences and trade shows, it’s completely virtual.


Embedded Computing Design is the show’s official 2021 North American content partner, so Brandon and Rich have spent extra time thinking about how this new era of interaction has, is, and will affect the electronics industry moving forward.

Is it just events that are changing, or is it the entire industry?

After, the Insiders are joined by Zane Tsai, Director of the Platform Product Center at ADLINK Technology. Zane and Rich discuss the growing demand for AI at the edge, and how it is impacting mission critical applications. They go on to discuss the impact edge AI can have on fiscal capital and human life in general.

Later, Tiera Oliver gets to the root of how COVID-19 is impacting electronics in academia labs. What are professors and their students to do without access to labs and equipment? Sid Deliwala of UPENN thinks we should just start throwing labs into backpacks. Learn more in this new segment, Patenting the Project with Tiera Oliver.

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