2024 embedded world Product Showcase: BeagleBoard.org Foundation’s BeagleY®-AI

April 08, 2024

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2024 embedded world Product Showcase: BeagleBoard.org Foundation’s BeagleY®-AI

Open-source AI hardware solutions are often designed to be an easy and accessible way for students, hobbyists, and even professional developers, to get started with their AI application development projects. These computing platforms typically utilize an industry form factor that can further support robotics, facial recognition, touchless HMIs, and real-time automation projects.

The BeagleY®-AI is a fan-less computing platform from BeagleBoard.org Foundation based on the new AM67A AI vision processor from Texas Instruments. The TI processor helps support the operation of the applications mentioned above with a quad-core 64-bit Arm® Cortex®-A53 CPU subsystem operating at 1.4GHz, dual general-purpose C7x DSP with Matrix Multiply Accelerator (MMA) capable of providing 4 TOPs for edge AI acceleration

The BeagleY®-AI in Action

In addition to the previously mentioned compute capabilities, the AM67X processor also allows the BeagleY®-AI board to provide energy-efficient machine-learning capabilities, deep learning for AI workloads, and low-latency cores for timing-critical applications, with support from the Arm Cortex-R5 subsystem for low-latency I/O and control. The board also supports a GPU, video, and vision accelerators, and other specialized processing capabilities for intelligent vision applications.

The BeagleY®-AI computing solution supports 4GB LPDDR4, a microSD card socket, and board identifier EEPROM. For networking, the board supports the BeagleBoard.org BM3301 module with WiFi 6 (IEEE802.11ax) and Bluetooth® 5.4 with Bluetooth Low-Energy (BLE). Additionally, the solution supports Gigabit Ethernet with power-over-Ethernet (PoE+) support via add-on.

For connectivity, the solution supports three simultaneous displays with microHDMI, OLDI (LVDS) with touchscreen support, and MIPI-DSI with touchscreen support (mixed with MIPI-CSI). Additional I/O supports PCI-Express® Gen3 x 1 interface (requires external adapter), four USB3 (5Gbps) type-A host ports, one USB2 (480Mbps) type-C device port and power input, a 40-pin expansion header, as well as fan power and a control connector.

Getting Started with the BeagleY®-AI

Per the company, users need the following to get started with the BeagleY®-AI:

  1.  USB type A to type C cable
  2. 5V/3A power adapter
  3. Micro SD Card
  4. Boot media

Further information about getting started can be found here, where users can view the latest BeagleBoard documentation, releases, and other product information such as product introduction, different boards, projects, and more.

BeagleBoard.org Foundation has plans to begin shipping the BeagleY-AI in late May or early June.

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