Elektrobit Enhances HMI Development Software EB GUIDE, Adds Support for Raspberry Pi

By Tiera Oliver

Associate Editor

Embedded Computing Design

August 25, 2020


New features provide flexibility for creating and testing advanced automotive HMIs while accelerating development timelines and reducing costs.

Elektrobit (EB), a global supplier of embedded and connected software products for the automotive industry, announced new features and capabilities for EB GUIDE that, according to the company, will make developing advanced human-machine interfaces (HMIs) more convenient and more accessible to a broader range of developers.

Users of Raspberry Pi can now experiment with innovative HMI concepts by using the software development kit (SDK) for Raspberry Pi in EB GUIDE.

"We simplify the life of developers, we help them with running multiple different versions of OS and hardware. So Raspberry Pi may not end in a car but at least it's now helping in developing user interfaces or new concepts before having any other choices made and you can do all of this during the development cycle," said Bruno Grasset, Head of Product Management User Experience, Elektrobit.

The EB GUIDE GTF SDK for Raspberry Pi OS is now available, free of charge.

The EB GUIDE toolchain incorporates a suite of products that allows carmakers, automotive suppliers, and software developers to design, test, and deploy advanced human-machine interfaces on any device including vehicle head units, head-up displays, and instrument clusters. The feature-set is designed to optimize team collaboration. The EB GUIDE also provides automotive interfaces. It enables advanced graphics, plus voice-, touch screen, and gesture-based controls such as those in the VW ID. series vehicles and the Sony Vision S concept car shown at CES 2020. According to the company, the EB GUIDE has been used to develop the HMI systems in more than 50 million cars on the road.

"We brought all of this to the 6.10 release and we also updated one of the SDKs we had. We also updated the API level of our SDK for Android as well, so we're running the latest Android API levels to allow people to use new Android tablets and Android OS devices," said Grasset.

Additional enhancements in the new release include updates to the user interface that will make modeling complex HMIs ideal. These include a new namespace structure, a new tag filtering system for handling large amounts of data, the ability to export languages and skin settings, and improved access to tutorials, extensions, and examples.

For more information, visit: EB GUIDE.

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