Mouser New Product of the Week: AMD / Xilinx Kria K26 System-on-Modules

April 08, 2024

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Mouser New Product of the Week: AMD / Xilinx Kria K26 System-on-Modules

Embedded and edge computing designs can often benefit from out-of-the-box hardware solutions that eliminate the need for extra components like FPGAs but can still support safety-critical and high-performance applications like smart city and smart factory applications.

The Kria K26 System-on-Module from Xilinx/AMD are designed as commercial- and industrial-grade* SOMs that are powered by the custom-built Zynq® UltraScale+™ MPSoC that runs optimally and exclusively on the K26 SOM. Most ideal for machine vision, industrial robotics, and AI/ML computing applications, the SOM is also able to be plugged into a carrier card for solution-specific peripheral options.

The Kria K26 System-on-Modules in Action

The K26 SOMs support the Arm® Cortex®-A53 based application processing unit (APU) with quad-core Cortex-A53, the Arm Cortex-R5F based real-time processing unit (RPU) consisting of dual-core Cortex-R5F processors with floating point unit support, and the Arm Mali™-400 MP2 based graphics processing unit.

The SOM features 4GB of 64-bit wide DDR4 memory, enabling suitable high-speed data transfer and memory capacity for embedded and edge computing applications that demand proficient memory subsystems. The SOMs also support integrated non-volatile memory devices such as 512Mb of QSPI, 16GB of eMMC, and 64Kb of EEPROM.

The form factor of the Kria K26 SOMs supports an integrated and flexible power design with SOC power supplies derived from a single +5V input and PL I/O supplies customized through carrier card-defined power rails. The solution also features a compact mechanical size with an integrated aluminum thermal heat spreader.

The SOM solution supports two 240-pin connectors with access to a pretty wide range of user-configurable I/O:

  • PS MIO
  • PS-GTR transceivers
  • PS I2C platform control bus
  • PL GTH transceivers
  • Sideband platform signals
  • Power and power sequencing signals

Getting Started with the Kria K26 System-on-Modules

For security, the SOMs support the TPM2.0 security module for hardware-based security features, secure storage, key management, and more.

For a closer look into Xilinx’s Kria K26 System-on-Modules, check out the video below:

Additional Resources:

* XCK26 in commercial (C) grade or industrial (I) grade