TEKXIA Launches SPOEC, a Self-Powered Embedded Computer for Outdoor Use

April 05, 2021

Press Release

TEKXIA Launches SPOEC, a Self-Powered Embedded Computer for Outdoor Use

SPOEC, Self-Powered Outdoor Embedded Computer, is a COTS (Commercial Off The Shelf) for integrators eager to quickly market new solution intended for outdoor use, on sites without power source or without telecom connection.

The SPOEC platform brings together all the essential basic
functions required by any IoT application:

  • a renewable energy production unit: Photo Voltaic Panel

  • a high capacity and long-life battery: LiFePO 12V/19Ah

  • a power supply supervision module: Buck/boost, MPPT, BMS

  • a powerful CPU: ArmCortex QuadCore A53, 1GB RAM, 16GB eMMC

  • miniPCIe sockets for various telecom interfaces:  LTE/5G, WiFi/BT, LoRa, etc.

  • SIMcards sockets

  • various sensors: humidity, temperature, luminosity

  • audio capabilities: microphone, speaker, 20W ampli

  • a tilt/pan orientable panel to house custom electronics

  • UART, USB and GPIO interfaces available

  • multiple anti-vandalism protections

  • wide operating range of temperatures and humidity: -20°C ~ 50°C, 90%@40°C

  • a patented universal fastening system for ultra-fast setup: < 5min

  • Total dimensions (w x h x d): 36 x 33 x29 cm / 14 x 13 x 11 inches

  • The whole works under Linux OS.

To offer a new outdoor, autonomous and nomadic solution, only the electronics (sensors and indicators) of the orientable panel and the application software layer need to be developed. Hence the rapid marketing of a new outdoor innovative product.

Examples of Applications

  • Remote data collection: weather conditions, attendance, presence detection ...

  • Diffuser: information, substances, lights, butterfly repellent in orchards ...

  • Remote sensor: displacements (Doppler), video surveillance ...

  • Gateway relay between communications networks: LoRa gateway, WiMax, WiFi, LTE/5G ...

  • RFid terminal: data collection on construction sites ...

For more information visit the product page: http://tekxia.com/product