Mouser New Product of the Week: Analog Devices’ MAX96724/F/R Evaluation Kits

June 10, 2024

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Mouser New Product of the Week: Analog Devices’ MAX96724/F/R Evaluation Kits

High-speed data transfer, simplified wiring, and strong signal integrity are important features of high-speed serializers and deserializers (SerDes) devices.

Because these devices are often found in safety-critical automotive and industrial applications, it is also imperative that developers have access to solutions that allow them to keep these devices up-to-date and operating at peak performance with testing and validation, performance assessments, compatibility, and integration testing features.

Analog Devices’ MAX96724/F/R Evaluation Kits In Action

The MAX96724/F/R Evaluation Kits from Analog Devices are designed to support the MAX96724, MAX96724F, and MAX96724R SerDes devices using standard FAKRA coaxial cables or a MATE-AX cable. The evaluation kits are designed to support high-bandwidth and gigabit multimedia serial links via the GMSL-1 and GMSL-2 high-speed serial communication protocols.

Additionally, the kits support spread spectrum technology to offer a wide bandwidth range, while reducing electromagnetic interference (EMI) in automotive and industrial, and full-duplex control channels to simultaneously communicate control signals that move back and forth in both directions between devices.

Designed for use in high-resolution camera systems and advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), the MAX96724 deserializer, specifically, accepts GMSL data from serializers and converts to the GMSL data into MIPI CSI-2 format for camera and video data transmission. The MAX96724 deserializer is also:

  • Backward-compatible to accept GMSL-1 serial data
  • Enables quad inputs to mix and match GMSL-1 and GMSL-2
  • Ensures outputs are compliant with MIPI D-PHY v1.2 and CSI-2 v1.3 specifications

Additional features include:

  • USB-controlled interface (cable included)
  • GUI for comprehensive device feature evaluation
  • Board powered by USB, 12V wall adapter, or external power supply
  • PCB layout
  • Fully assembled and tested

Getting Started with Analog Devices’ MAX96724/F/R Evaluation Kits

The MAX96724/F/R Evaluation Kits support software compatibility with Windows 10 or higher, and GMSL-2 software.

The kits also require the following equipment for sufficient use:

  • MAX96724 DPHY EV kit
  • MAX96717 or MAX96705 serializer EV kits or camera modules
  • FAKRA coax cable assembly
  • PC with Windows 10® or higher and GMSL-2 software
  • Power supply source (500 mA USB port, 5V/1A DC supply, or 12V barrel jack DC supply)
  • Micro-USB cable

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