Intel Adds Open Source FPGAs

By Chad Cox

Production Editor

Embedded Computing Design

September 14, 2023


Image Credit: Intel

Intel is growing its compact Agilex FPGA family and enhancing its Programmable Solutions Group (PSG) for innovative AI technology. Included is Intel’s Open FPGA Stack (OFS) to open source. The new FPGAs include Agilex 3 FPGA and Agilex 5 FPGA E-Series.

The Intel Agilex 3 B-Series FPGAs  is delivered with enhanced I/O density utilizing minimal power when compared to the Intel MAX 10 FPGAs​. Server platform management (PFM) applications are supported. Intel’s C-Series FPGAs support complex programmable logic devices (CPLD) and FPGA applications in system/board monitoring and management, video and vision, protocol expansion, portable imaging, portable displays, sensor fusion, drives, and robotics I/O expansion.

Intel Agilex 5 FPGAs E-Series is powered by the second-generation Intel Hyperflex FPGA architecture combining with Intel 7 process technology for optimal performance. The Intel Agilex 5 FPGAs and SoCs deliver the previous generation AI tensor block to mid-range FPGAs making them ideal for AI applications at the edge.

“In January, we announced the expansion of our Agilex portfolio to bring the broadly acclaimed Agilex FPGA advantages to a wider audience. We’re eager to share this new FPGA lineup with customers and partners at the annual IFTD event and to detail the opportunities these offerings will accelerate in programmable innovations,” comments Shannon Poulin, Intel corporate vice president and general manager of Programmable Solutions Group

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