Crypto4A Delivers Quantum-Safe Cryptographic Agility, Mobility, and Scalability

By Chad Cox

Production Editor

Embedded Computing Design

July 26, 2023


Crypto4A Delivers Quantum-Safe Cryptographic Agility, Mobility, and Scalability
Image Credit: Crypto4A

Ottawa, Ontario. Crypto4A Technologies Inc. (Crypto4A) released its QxHSM, a fully featured network-attached Hardware Security Module (HSM) in a blade form factor delivering quantum-safe cryptographic agility, mobility, and scalability.

"The QxHSM epitomizes our 'agility-by-design' philosophy. We go beyond addressing just cryptographic agility, we are revolutionizing the concept of agility in HSMs and their roles in today's digital landscape. Our ground-breaking form factor enables various deployment models, providing agile system scalability in terms of both time and space," said Bruno Couillard, co-founder, and CEO of Crypto4A.

Various Deployment Models

  • Single module desktop enclosure
  • Three-module 1U blade server enclosure
  • High-density ten-module 3U blade server enclosure

Crypto4A’s QxHSM supports complete proprietorship of cryptographic data without vendor lock in, with a customizable cloud-scale deployment architecture.

Michela Menting, Senior Research Director at ABI Research had this to offer, "The best technology in the world can only go so far, and risks remaining the prerogative of the few and knowledgeable if there is no significant improvement from an operational perspective. By making the hardware more accessible and usable, manufacturers can open up the technology to a greater addressable market in the same way that the service opportunity does. The HSM market is certainly set for some more transformative changes, and highly competitive innovation, in the years ahead."

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