DevArt upgrades network security solution SecureBridge

April 25, 2018


DevArt upgrades network security solution SecureBridge

Devart has upgraded SecureBridge with support for FTP and FTPS protocols, new capabilities and features, and much more.

Devart, a recognized vendor of professional database tools for developers and DBAs, has released a fresh version of SecureBridge, a network security solution. Now SecureBridge supports the FTP and FTPS protocols, which allow users to exchange files in a common way and securely.

Another feature that’s worth mentioning is a possibility to connect to a remote host through a proxy server enabling indirect network connections to various network services. In addition to the functionality described above, the release includes the following features:

The TScFTPClient component to support seamless access to remote files when using FTP protocol.

Thread-safe TScStorage to use one storage for many SSH and SSL clients from different threads.


The TScSSHConnectionInfo.LocalSockAddr property to retrieve a local IP address.

The TScSSHServerOptions.MaxConnections property to limit the number of active connections on the SSH server.

The TScSSHServer.BeforeClientConnect event to reject or accept a connection based on the client’s IP before his authentication, which greatly increases server performance.

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