IAR Secures Mature Devices

By Chad Cox

Production Editor

Embedded Computing Design

April 14, 2023


Image Credit: IAR

Uppsala, Sweden. With new security legislation and stricter requirements being passed, IAR designed its IAR Embedded Secure IP for boosted integrated security in designer firmware applications, including support for late-stage product maturity. IAR’s secure software can be installed by the user using hardware security modules (HSM) from IAR Embedded Security Solutions.

“IAR Embedded Secure IP makes it effortless to incorporate security into products at any stage of their lifecycle,” said Ada Lu, Product Marketing Senior Manager for Embedded Security Solutions at IAR. “With our tools for implementing late-stage security, customers stay flexible in their development processes and are prepared for future security requirements.”

The software discombobulates sensitive data while utilizing program encryption from hiding the protocol. IAR's  IP delivers up to date standards for data security with digital signatures and device keys that enable customer-specific key creation, injection, and provisioning.

Embedded IAR “Anti-cloning” creates customized identifications for software and hardware applications. It thwarts counterfeits and over-production in manufacturing.  Also included is “Active IP protection” making certain implementers have secured Ips such as libraries by encrypting protected device admission.

For more information, visit iar.com/eSecIP and iar.com/security

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