Newark Now Delivering NI's LabVIEW+ Software Bundle

By Chad Cox

Production Editor

Embedded Computing Design

February 16, 2024


Newark Now Delivering NI's LabVIEW+ Software Bundle
Image Credit: NI

Chicago, Illinois. Newark will now carry NI’s LabVIEW+ Suite that includes LabVIEW plus, TestStand, DIAdem, and FlexLogger. The software bundle contains tools for test, analysis, and measurement. Newark Vice President, Global Product & Supplier Management, Lee Turner, said, “The LabVIEW+ Suite can help development engineers make faster decisions, prototype more efficiently, and validate their work with greater ease. With its ability to deliver a wealth of usable data, this suite is a valuable asset for any engineer looking to streamline their workflow."



  • accelerate development and deployment in validation and production


  • process, visualize, and streamline root-cause determination


  • plan and implement system testing criteria

Turner ends “LabVIEW has long been a powerful development tool for engineers. The LabVIEW+ Suite uses the power of LabVIEW with additional software tools for engineers to quickly design and validate products. The significant savings by purchasing the LabVIEW+ Suite instead of buying each tool ad-hoc is an attractive option.”

To purchase NI’s LabVIEW+ Suite, go to Newark Electronics.

Editor’s Note: The LabVIEW+ Suite can be purchased from Newark in North America, Farnell in EMEA, and element14 in APAC.

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