WITTENSTEIN High Integrity Systems Unveils Aerospace Excellence at Embedded World 2024

April 05, 2024


WITTENSTEIN High Integrity Systems Unveils Aerospace Excellence at Embedded World 2024

WITTENSTEIN high integrity systems (WHIS), a pioneering force in Real-Time Operating Systems (RTOS), is set to showcase its latest aerospace advancements at the highly anticipated Embedded World 2024 in Nuremberg, 9th-11th April. As the demand for real-time processing power and seamless integration intensifies, WHIS remains at the forefront of delivering cutting-edge solutions that empower embedded systems across diverse applications.

WITTENSTEIN high integrity systems is set to showcase its groundbreaking aerospace excellence at the Embedded World 2024. At the heart of SAFERTOS lies a responsive, robust, and deterministic embedded RTOS, ideally suited for the demanding needs of aerospace development. However, WHIS goes beyond simply providing a powerful RTOS. SAFERTOS also embraces the challenges of certification, empowering developers with clear and concise certification planning documentation. WHIS supplies a tailored "Plan for Software Aspects of Certification" (PSAC) alongside standard documentation, enabling efficient collaboration with Designated Engineering Representatives (DERs) and smooth progress through Stage Of Involvement (SOI) audits. WHIS also offers comprehensive design and verification evidence, with their high standards and quality guiding the development of design documentation and source code. Regular SOI audits also verify conformance and ensure complete coverage with MC/DC testing. SAFERTOS is also delivered with source code alongside the verified binary library.

DO-178C Up to DAL A

The SAFERTOS development life cycle fully complies with the rigorous requirements of DO-178C up to Design Assurance Level (DAL) A, seamlessly integrating with the standard aerospace audit cycle. The licensee can actively participate in or lead these audits, fostering a collaborative and transparent certification process.

Visit WHIS at Embedded World 2024 (Booth 4-337): Experience the Future of RTOS
WHIS invites all Embedded World 2024 attendees to visit our booth 4-337 to experience firsthand the future of real-time operating systems. Our expert team are eager to demonstrate the power of this innovative solution. WHIS will also be giving the following talks every day:

  • 11:30: Upgrading From FreeRTOS to SAFERTOS
  • 14:00: SAFERTOS For Aerospace Systems
  • 15:00: The SAFERTOS Enhanced Security Module

About WITTENSTEIN high integrity systems

WITTENSTEIN high integrity systems is a safety systems company that produces and supplies Real Time Operating Systems and platform solutions to the Automotive, Medical and Industrial sectors worldwide. For more information, please visit:

For more information, visit highintegritysystems.com.