The Road to embedded world ’23: Munich, Germany, CELUS

By Chad Cox

Production Editor

Embedded Computing Design

January 03, 2023


Image Provided by CELUS

Augustine of Hippo once declared, “The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.” This is a good reminder for us to turn yet another page of our travels, and move to the next stop. We are not traveling far, and get to our next stop rather quickly, where we are taking a look inside CELUS and what they are bringing to embedded world 2023.

During embedded world, CELUS will be showcasing its push-button automated Ai-supported platform. The system makes development easier for designers to choose specific devices for complete schematics and a PCB floorplan.

CELUS Engineering Platform Includes:

  • Automates manual work
  • Removes the need for reading data sheets and recreating reference designs
  • Creates schematics and proposes PCB floorplans in minutes, interfacing with the common ECAD tools
  • Helps customers to design prototypes fast and provides an early feasibility analysis
  • Implements design variations in minutes

How CELUS’ Supernova Makes Design Simple

According to CELUS, all you need to do for a functional platform is “describe your electronics design using block diagrams, connections, and parameters.”

Mechanical Constraints

CELUS created algorithms that work by employing data inputted (board size, connector placement) to optimize applications designed for original factors, such as size and placement.

Export to Your EDA Tool

The Supernova saves time assuring that all personalized choices are maintained by enabling the use of your choice of EDA tools by:

  • Automatically turns user requirements into full component selection, schematics and PCB layout suggestions
  • Removes the need for reading data sheets
  • Implements design variations and promotes design re-use
  • Provides an early feasibility analysis & quick prototyping
  • Fully compatible with leading ECAD tools

CELUS will be releasing news on an upcoming project it has been working on, so make it a plan now to stop by hall 4 (booth number to be announced) at embedded world '23 to get the news first.

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