XJTAG 3.12 Software Boosts Focus and Flexibility With Convenience for Operators

By Chad Cox

Embedded Computing Design

May 02, 2022


XJTAG 3.12 Software Boosts Focus and Flexibility With Convenience for Operators
Image Provided by XJTAG

XJTAG released a new software designed to speed up the development and debugging of boundary scan setups. The software can also be utilized to help curtail production line operators being distracted by too much information during test runs.

Help Solving Signal Integrity Problems

XJTAG 3.12 helps engineers limit signal integrity issues due to its automatic analysis of data errors and added inbuilt signal integrity test. XJTAG has developed algorithms to create software that recognizes traits in the errors and uses data to suggest the most likely cause. "XJTAG is very proud to have introduced this level of analysis," says Simon Payne, XJTAG's CEO. "It can save engineers a lot of time by helping them resolve signal integrity issues if they arise."

A New Categorization Option

XJTAG 3.12 introduces a new category, "Excluded", designed for ICs that can't be disabled, but have connections to JTAG devices. Rather than having to stop the interconnecting nets being driven during the interconnect test, devices can be placed into a new category, saving time.

Powerful New Code Searches

Efficient code searches by engineers are allowed through three new powerful code searches, searching across all the files in the project, not just the open one. Right-click on a variable, function, bus, or configuration variable, will open a new option allowing engineers to jump to the place in the project where that item was defined.

Other options include finding all references to the item even when the name has been used in multiple places and a basic text search, but one that looks through all the project's code files and returns results grouped by file type.

Flexible User Access Levels Provide Focus

XJTAG 3.12 assists factory operators in staying alert by providing more control over the data displayed during tests. "Engineers have always loved the way they can set software permissions for different roles on the factory floor," explains Simon Payne. "For example, they could ensure only a repair technician has rights to temporarily adjust which tests run. They wanted us to take this further, so permissions in XJTAG 3.12 now have a lot of flexibility. For instance, you can now restrict which users see links to the layout and schematic viewers in the test results, meaning someone with basic operator rights in XJRunner or XJInvestigator won't be distracted by being offered information they don't need."

More flexibility has been included to XJPack files (the compressed, tamper-protected files used to transfer test projects from test developers to the production teams). Privileges can be set in those files, for test developers to control which settings end-users will be able to temporarily override.

For more information, visit xjtag.com.

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