Hyperstone Launches X1, a New Low Power SSD Controller

By Laura Dolan

Senior Copywriter


February 12, 2019


Hyperstone Launches X1, a New Low Power SSD Controller

Hyperstone?s New X1 SATA NAND flash controller offers lowest power consumption and security for industrial SSDs, M.2, U.2, CFast and embedded flash drives (eSSDs).

Konstanz, Germany. Hyperstone’s new X1 – SATA III SSD controller focuses on high-reliability and low power SSDs, M.2 and U.2 modules, CFast cards and system-in-package eSSDs or discrete on-board flash drive integration.

The X1 reaches random write performance, minimal write amplification and high endurance without external DRAM. The new FlashXE® (eXtended Endurance) read-channel includes calibration, error correction with soft-decoding and error prevention mechanisms satisfying a large gamut of flash technology including SLC, pSLC, 3D MLC, 3D TLC and the next generation of NAND flashes.

“The powerful dual-core processor along with end-to-end datapath protection, FlashXE® and advanced security features are vital in guaranteeing an industrial reliable system with today’s 3D flashes,” said Sandro-Diego Wölfle, Hyperstone’s Product Manager. “Furthermore, the X1 provides extremely low power consumption, and as the silicon is designed for 125°C junction temperature, it can be used in 105 °C environments.”

For more information, please visit www.hyperstone.com.