KIOXIA Sampling New e-MMC Ver. 5.1-Compliant Devices

By Taryn Engmark

Associate Editor

Embedded Computing Design

September 29, 2023


KIOXIA Sampling New e-MMC Ver. 5.1-Compliant Devices

SAN JOSE, CALIFORNIA. KIOXIA America, Inc. recently announced sampling of high-performing JEDEC e-MMC Ver. 5.1-compliant embedded flash memory products for consumer applications. The new devices are integrated with an updated version of KIOXIA’s BiCS FLASH 3D flash memory and a controller in a single package to help decrease processor workload and improve usability.

As the market continues to shift to UFS, there are cases where e-MMC may still be used. This includes consumer products with mid-range storage requirements like tablets, PCs, point of sale devices, smart TVs, smart NICs (Network Interface Card), and so on.

KIOXIA's new e-MMC devices feature a 2.5x performance increase in sequential and random write, as well as a 2.7x performance increase in random read over the previous generation devices. Additionally, the devices include a 3.3x improvement in terabytes written (TBW), in correspondence with an enhanced area setting for the entire e-MMC area.

KIOXIA is now sampling its next-gen e-MMC devices, with mass production expected in 2024. Both 64 and 128GB products will be available.

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