Renesas Joins Autonomous Vehicle Computing Consortium

October 31, 2019

Press Release

Renesas Joins Autonomous Vehicle Computing Consortium

The AVCC aims to build a standard framework for vehicle edge computing that will accelerate autonomous vehicle development.

Renesas Electronics has joined the Autonomous Vehicle Computing Consortium (AVCC), a collaborative industry organization focused on developing a standard, reusable, shareable framework for developing high-performance automotive computing solutions. The Consortium’s goal is to accelerate the creation of autonomous vehicle processing architectures that meet the thermal, safety, security, and size requirements of autonomous drive systems.

Renesas commits to a team already consisting of Arm, Bosch, Continental, DENSO, General Motors, NVIDIA, NXP Semiconductors, TOYOTA, and others. As a core member, the company will make technical contributions to the AVCC framework and combine it with its R-Car SoCs.

“To achieve the future of mobility, we must connect actual use cases with the requirements, technologies and ultimately implementation required to realize autonomous vehicles,” says Masayasu Yoshida, Vice President of Renesas’ Automotive System Development Division. “The AVCC will play a pivotal role in achieving this mobility future.”

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