Imagination and Mobica Partner to Create Virtualized Automotive Environment

By Tiera Oliver

Associate Editor

Embedded Computing Design

November 10, 2021


Imagination and Mobica Partner to Create Virtualized Automotive Environment

Imagination Technologies announced a new demonstration and partnership with Mobica, providing automotive customers with a working example of Imagination’s HyperLane technology and Mobica’s application and design proficiency to enhance automotive display performance and safety.

The companies are developing further demos and real-world content to be licensed by customers for a complete automotive hardware and software package. 

Using a single PowerVR GX6650 GPU, Imagination and Mobica can showcase high-resolution rendering outputs across two large displays mimicking an automotive cabin scenario with a central cluster and IVI system. With HyperLane technology and hardware virtualization, the operating system and other display systems can be compartmentalized. Up to eight virtual ‘containers’ can be supported, allowing multiple operating systems and applications to act independently of each other in a fully secure manner with no loss of performance.

The demo shows how in the event of a single application or operating system failing or needing to be taken offline, all other systems can continue to run unimpeded. This removal of cascading or total failure is designed to create a safer and more secure environment thanks to each container having dedicated memory space.

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