Designing the future, now

November 01, 2009

Designing the future, now

Embedded devices are at the forefront of social change.

This is a really wonderful time to be in the embedded computing industry, and it’s a time of rapid change.

We are seeing some of the most creative, visionary minds striving to make the best embedded devices and applications possible. We’re glad to be a part of this, because we at Embedded Computing Design exist for one purpose: to help every person designing one embedded device, be it for mobile, home, industrial, or medical applications.

People say, “It’s a small world.” We’ve all had that experience where we are somewhere far from home, and we unexpectedly run into someone we know or a person who is directly connected to someone we know. It’s comforting. It’s fun. It’s a great way to gain a sense of belonging to something.

These new embedded devices are making it a really small world. Connections are faster. Interactions are more frequent. Ideas are everywhere. We can learn more than ever before about ourselves and our world. We can belong to many things bigger than ourselves.

And yes, there can be problems. Privacy is at risk. Once unleashed, information flies faster and farther and never dies, even if you want it to. The volumes of information are often hard to sort through. The sheer noise can be deafening.

We are at a time when technology for technology’s sake isn’t enough. We are looking at another inflection point where technology can help reshape social change and build something better.

Embedded devices are at the forefront of this change. The ability to connect anywhere; send text, voice, and video instantly; access what we want where and when we want; and interact with devices more easily and precisely is transforming our behavior. For example, the simple question, “What are you doing?” answered via mobile devices has revolutionized the industry.

Do we really want this much communication? We still have a choice, but we risk being left behind if we don’t participate. Of course, any technology can be wasted, used improperly by mistake, or misused for purposes contrary to the intent. But for those of you with doubts, think about this: The good far outweighs the bad, especially considering that touching just one life can make a big impact.

The issues we face today are not about whining how busy or distracted we are; lamenting this change and wishing for the old days; or trying to stop change altogether. The issues are about embracing change and creating useful, fast, secure, extensible, and safe embedded devices that help people and things connect better.

Back to our mission at Embedded Computing Design, we are here to help every person designing one embedded device. The right information, the right idea, the right contact, and the right inspiration at the right moment can make a difference.

One technology changing embedded device designs is featured in this issue’s special section called “Multicore: Roadmap to success.” We think the viewpoints are informative and insightful.

Many other technologies and concepts are related to designing embedded devices, and our team is working hard to create more ways to communicate those ideas to you:

  • Our print and digital magazines, website, and E-letters work together to bring you the best technical articles and viewpoints, new products, and other content.
  • Our E-cast platform offers live and archived presentations from expert guests who address questions posed by viewers and moderators.
  • Our white paper and video platforms offer unique content from thought leaders in our industry targeting a wide range of specific issues.
  • Our conversations on Twitter and LinkedIn are connecting news to people even faster.

Imagine the future and the possibilities for your embedded device design. We’ll be here informing and connecting you to help make those ideas happen.

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