Why Infineon's Smart Home Solutions Matter (1.0)

By Taryn Engmark

Associate Editor

Embedded Computing Design

October 07, 2022


Why Infineon's Smart Home Solutions Matter (1.0)

MUNICH, GERMANY. Smart home solutions are designed not only to make life easier, but to do it in ways that are more sustainable for the planet as a whole and its individual resources. Up until recently, establishing a secure, fully connected smart home has been a challenge because of the separate protocols and device ecosystems permeating products across the market. The Connectivity Standards Alliance’s (CSA) newly released Matter 1.0 specification aims to overcome that obstacle by providing device makers with a single standard to follow for smart home applications such as smart locks, thermostats, sensors, security systems, lighting, and more.

Infineon Technologies AG has joined CSA and nearly 300 other companies to spearhead the Matter standard to unify sustainability, interoperability, and security in smart homes.

According to market research firm ABI Research, by 2030, more than 1.5 billion Matter certified devices will ship annually (Source: ABI Research, Smart Home Bi-Annual Update, March 2022). During that time period, it is also expected that consumer robotics, smart appliances, and more will be integrated into smart home system engagement.

“We believe that having one standard solves the fragmentation of the smart home market, which will be the key in opening doors to drive better connectivity, digitalization and decarbonization in this market," says Thomas Rosteck, Division President of Connected Secure Systems at Infineon.

Residential spaces account for nearly 30 percent of worldwide electricity consumption, with space cooling, heating, and refrigeration generally being the largest power consumers. A unified, interoperable network of smart home technologies opens the door to several possibilities for reducing energy consumption. For example, sensor-based controls can turn off lights, heating, and air conditioning when no one is in the room, or adjust temperatures to the residents' preferences as needed.

Infineon currently offers several Matter-compliant solutions, such as:

  • The PSoC® 62S2 Wi-Fi BT Pioneer Kit, which helps developers and engineers achieve reliable, ultra-low power Matter over Wi-Fi solutions
  • The high-performance, low-power AIROC™ CYW30739 multi-protocol SoC (Bluetooth Low Energy 5.3, IEEE 802.15.4) — one of the first to complete Thread 1.3 certification, the foundation for Matter over Thread devices.
  • Matter-compatible OPTIGA™ security solutions can be integrated into embedded systems to protect the confidentiality, integrity, and authenticity of information and devices.

For more information, visit www.infineon.com/connectedhome.