Watch out for Polar Electro's and MicroEJ's Advanced Healthcare Wearables

By Chad Cox

Production Editor

Embedded Computing Design

January 06, 2023


Watch out for Polar Electro's and MicroEJ's Advanced Healthcare Wearables
Image Provided by Polar Electro

CES 2023. Polar Electro announced its collaboration with MicroEJ to revolutionize digital health wearables. MicroEJ supports the same abilities as an OS and includes improved battery operating time, reliable connectivity, and in-depth user interfaces.

MICROEJ VEE standard software containers minimize hardware and software dependencies allowing both hardware and software groups to collaborate for a faster time to market.

As Sander Werring, CEO at Polar Electro Group, believes, “The extreme versatility and ease of use of MicroEJ’s solution are outstanding. Its flexibility drives the creativity and boosts the efficiency of our research department. Since we started collaborating, Polar Electro has accelerated the release of a watch to market. Our partnership delivers advanced user interfaces and other great features to our users while dramatically reducing electronics requirements to minimize carbon footprint and cost.”

Leveraging the flexibility of MicroEJ’s software containers, Ploar Electro will optimize hardware advances, like vector graphics, for a consumer demanded user experience that is a top echelon heart-rate monitor.

Fred Rivard, CEO of MicroEJ, says, “We are proud to collaborate with an industry leader such as Polar Electro to help them make their innovation process more efficient and less costly. Our joint engineering initiative enables the creation of beautiful wearable products with extended battery life that guides users’ training, fitness, and wellness routines to help enjoy a healthier life. I am proud that MicroEJ's technology powers the unrivaled design, best-in-class performance, and power efficiency of Polar Electro’s smartwatches to lead the future of wearables.”

Polar Electro’s Ignite 3 fitness and wellness watch was launched at CES 2023 and is available for a demonstration at the MicroEJ CES Booth #52339 in the Venetian Expo from January 5-8. Request a meeting with one of MicroEJ’s experts to learn more about MicroEJ solutions for market-leading wearable products.

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