PICMG Confirms IoT.1 Firmware Specification for Industrial Sensing

By Chad Cox

Production Editor

Embedded Computing Design

September 22, 2021


PICMG Confirms IoT.1 Firmware Specification for Industrial Sensing
Image Courtesy of PICMG

PICMG announced the confirmation of IoT.1 specification. IoT.1 focuses on the unique requirements of IoT applications in the industrial automation space.  

The IoT.1 specification defines a firmware interface and low-level data model that provides for vendor-independent configuration of smart sensors and effecters, as well as plug and play interoperability with higher levels of the installation.  

Emerging Industry 4.0 applications require support for sensing and profiled motion control. IoT.1 supports both thanks to the initial work resulting from PICMG based on collaboration with the DMTF organization.  

According to PICMG, it developed IoT.1 to enable the industry more interoperability amongst vendors.

•    Enable sensor vendors to create smart sensors without having to manufacture the control circuitry and/or software 
•    Enable controller suppliers who wish to create smart sensors or smart-sensor components 
•    Enable sensor/effecter integrators to integrate sensors/effecters 
•    To accelerate the uptake of smart-sensor technology through open-specifications 

IoT.1 was developed in collaboration with the following PICMG members: Arroyo Technology, nVent, Triple Ring Technologies, Sandy Systems, PICMG

For more information, please visit PICMG’s website picmg.org

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