onsemi Brings a Five-Year Battery for Industrial Asset Tracking

By Chad Cox

Production Editor

Embedded Computing Design

September 21, 2021


onsemi Brings a Five-Year Battery for Industrial Asset Tracking
Image courtesy of the Company

onsemi unveiled its latest system solution that is able to overcome the central challenges associated with developing asset tracking tags. Battery life is a problem to asset tag adoption especially in the industrial sectors.

The RSL10 Asset Tag offers battery life of up to five years. Until recently, the average battery life for asset tracking tags or beacons has around a year at the upper echelon.

The battery life of the RSL10 Asset Tag is made possible by the low power consumption of the RSL10 Bluetooth® 5 radio SoC and developments made at the firmware level.

Alongside the RSL10, the platform features a 3-axis accelerometer and environmental sensors (motion, pressure and temperature) to deliver data and insights into an asset’s environment, condition and orientation. 

A dedicated MOSFET load switch powers each sensor. 

According to onsemi, additional features include:
•    A low-cost antenna
•    Matching circuit optimized for Bluetooth Low Energy transmissions 
•    A multi-purpose dome switch 
•    10-pin debugger that can be removed depending on the needs of the application.

For more information on the RSL 10 Asset Tag, please visit: onsemi.com.

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