Advantech Launches DeviceOn Module IoT Sensor Node Platform

By Chad Cox

Production Editor

Embedded Computing Design

June 02, 2021


Photo courtesy of Advantech

Advantech Europe launched the WISE-1510-DOM DeviceOn Module, a new certified wireless module for sensor-to-cloud connectivity.

The DeviceOn Module family is a combination of hardware modules and smart device firmware that help accelerate the deployment of semi-custom and custom sensor nodes.

DeviceOn Modules come pre-integrated with Advantech WISE-DeviceOn firmware that eliminates the need for programming. The DeviceOn firmware stack provides driver support for a range of sensors and enables dynamic sensor configurations that include thresholds, event handling, and data caching.

A GUI can be used to configure the multiple sensor and wireless interfaces present on the modules. DeviceOn Modules are designed to an industry-standard form factor and can be used with off-the-shelf or custom carrier boards.

The DeviceOn server layer can be hosted on any platform, including your own IT infrastructure or dedicated DeviceOn server hardware from Advantech.

The DeviceOn Module family is comprised of three SKUs: the DOM-SB-001, the DOM-SB-003, and the DOM-SB-004. The devices can be purchased as standalone boards, with enclosures, or with a LoRaWAN gateway. Evaluation kits are available as well.

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