IBASE Technology: CMB108

December 12, 2023


IBASE Technology: CMB108
Image Credit: IBASE

Product Description:

The CMB108 is a high-performance industrial computer engineered to meet the demanding needs of various industrial applications, leveraging the power of 13th/12th Gen Intel®️ Core™️ i9/i7/i5/i3 DT processors (TDP 65W). It is also equipped with two DDR5-4800/5600 U-DIMM slots, supporting a maximum of 64GB, to ensure high-speed memory performance.

The CMB108 supports discrete GPU cards to provide enhanced graphics performance crucial for high-end applications. It features multiple expansion slots, including 1x PCI-E(x16) [PCI-E Gen.5], 1x PCI-E(x4) [PCI-E Gen.4], and 1x PCI-E(x4) [PCI-E Gen.3], allowing for significant expansion possibilities. Measuring 362(W) x 350(D) x 156(H)mm, this robust system is equipped with a 500W 1U Flex ATX power supply, ensuring reliable and uninterrupted performance in various industrial settings.

In addition to its powerful processing and expansion capabilities, the CMB108 boasts a range of connectivity and storage options. It supports multi-display interfaces including HDMI, DisplayPort, and DVI-D, along with 2.5GbE ports and USB 3.0 ports, enabling flexible and high-speed data transfers. The unit accommodates up to 4 sets of 2.5" storage devices with RAID 0/1 support, 2x M-Key (2280) slots for NVMe, 1x E-Key (2230) for WiFi/BT (supporting CNVi), and 1x B-Key (3052) for 5G connectivity, addressing the growing demand for fast and efficient data processing and storage. The CMB108 is further enhanced with features such as fTPM, DIO, iAMT(16.1), and a watchdog timer, alongside a 2-pin remote boot extension design.


  • Supports 13th/12th Gen Intel®️ Core™️ DT processors (TDP 65W)
  • Supports discrete GPU cards with reserved expansion slots
  • Multiple expansion slots : 1x PCI-E(x16) [PCI-E Gen.5], 1x PCI-E(x4) [PCI-E Gen. 4], 1x PCI-E(x4) [PCI-E Gen.3]
  • 500W 1U Flex ATX power supply [Default]
  • 2-pin remote boot extension design
  • Supports multi-display interfaces [HDMI, DisplayPort, DVI-D] and 2.5GbE ports , USB 3.0 ports

Product Website Link:https://www.ibase.com.tw/en/product/category/Intelligent_System/Expandable_Embedded_System/CMB_Series_Expandable_System/CMB108

Datasheet Link:https://www.ibase.com.tw/english/download/Intelligent_Systems/CMB108_Datasheet.pdf

Buy It Now Link:https://www.ibase.com.tw/en/product/category/Intelligent_System/Expandable_Embedded_System/CMB_Series_Expandable_System/CMB108


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