OnLogic Computers Now Allow Global Cellular Connectivity for IoT Using UROS eSIM Technology

By Taryn Engmark

Associate Editor

Embedded Computing Design

October 29, 2021


OnLogic Computers Now Allow Global Cellular Connectivity for IoT Using UROS eSIM Technology

UROS Connect eSIM technology provides OnLogic industrial computers with cellular connectivity that automatically self-configures to give IoT devices a data connection on a majority of global cellular networks.

Industrial computer hardware manufacturer and IoT solution provider OnLogic announced the availability of their first devices to feature global cellular connectivity from IoT solution provider UROS. OnLogic computers with the UROS Connect eSIM solution are able to transmit and receive data, without the need for Wi-Fi or tethering, across a wide range of global cellular networks. The combination of OnLogic hardware and UROS Connect is easy to use, reliable and secure.

UROS Connect eSIM functionality enables a single physical SIM card to be installed in OnLogic computers to provide connectivity across multiple international regions, reducing logistic complexity while using the best available cellular network depending on which part of the world the computer is located in.

OnLogic computers with UROS Connect allow:

  • Global Connectivity - UROS offers support for more than 170 countries with a single SIM card.
  • Enhanced Visibility - Monitor and remotely manage an entire network of connected devices with the UROS Connect dashboard, which is essentially fleet management for cellular connected devices.
  • Adaptive Pricing - The UROS solution has been built with the Internet of Things in mind. Users pay 1 euro for the first 10 MB of data transmitted and then only for what is needed, when it's needed, with no contracts.

For more information, visit OnLogic's Computers With 4G page.