Kinetica Takes Human Language and ML to the Next Level

By Chad Cox

Production Editor

Embedded Computing Design

September 18, 2023


Image Credit: Kinetica

Arlington, Virginia. Kinetica developed a native Large Language Model (LLM) and integrated it with its innovative architecture for real-time data analysis. The LLM runs SQL-GPT for an overall enhancement in security and the needed power and resources to return answers within seconds. An outside API call is unnecessary facilitating the management of all data internally. The solution is ideal for telecommunications, financial services, automotive, and logistics.

Nima Negahban, Cofounder and CEO of Kinetica commented, “With the integration of SQL-GPT, we extend this capability to an entirely new horizon empowering organizations to unleash the true potential of their real-time structured data like never before."

The environment supports various forms of analysis including time series, spatial, graph, and machine learning to return answers to complex problems within seconds. “At Kinetica, we believe in fostering openness and embracing the diversity of generative AI models,” said Amit Vij, Cofounder and President, Kinetica. “We expect there will be different LLM platforms that emerge and we want to provide our customers with choice."

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