M5Stack UnitV2: The Standalone AI Camera for Edge Computing

By Tiera Oliver

Associate Editor

Embedded Computing Design

May 10, 2021


M5Stack UnitV2: The Standalone AI Camera for Edge Computing
(Image Courtesy of M5Stack)

UnitV2 is a high-efficiency AI Camera module, the first M5Stack product that runs on the Linux operating system.

The UnitV2 from M5Stack is a standalone device adopting SigmaStar SSD202D (ARM Cortex-A7 dual-core 1.2GHz) as the core, embedded 128MB DDR3 memory, with 512MB NAND Flash, 1080P camera, 2.4G Wi-Fi, and cooling fan. With software applications, hardware resources, and development tools, UnitV2 offers users an ideal AI development experience out of the box. The UnitV2 is suitable for AI applications such as home automation, retail, and more. The UnitV2 also integrates AI recognition applications developed by M5Stack (such as Face Recognition, Object Tracking, Color Tracker, Shape Detector, and Barcode Detector) to help users build their own AI applications.

The standalone feature is ideal for plug and play. The UnitV2 has a built-in USB LAN. When connecting to PC through UBS-C interface, it will automatically establish a network connection with UnitV2. With free connectable style, it can also be connected and debugged via Wi-Fi. With a UART serial port communication, all identification content is output in JSON format through the serial port.

Ideal for development, the device is based on the Linux system with different peripherals and compatible with different development tools. Through SSH Access, you can fully control the hardware resources and build a custom recognition model through M5Stack's V-Training (AI model training service). For software support, the M5Stack team plans to add more functions through upcoming versions of firmware. Users can upgrade the device through TF Card.

For more information, visit: https://shop.m5stack.com/products/unitv2-ai-camera-gc2145


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