An easy (on-line) education on power conversion

September 11, 2015

An easy (on-line) education on power conversion

Whether you're going ac-to-dc, dc-to-dc, step-up, step-down, or something else, power conversion can be a very tricky subject. That's partly because t...

To get a better understanding about al of these technologies and what options are available to you, we’ve assembled an Embedded University class to cover this topic. The University class is delivered over three days (about an hour per day), with each day covering a different aspect of the power-conversion topic. It takes place on September 22-24, at 11:00 EDT each day. If you can’t make the live class, an archived version will be available.

This first session, called Integrated Regulation Solutions, looks at dc-to-dc power conversion using linear regulators and integrated switching regulators. The instructor will place an emphasis on best practices for stability, including layout considerations. These concepts are definitely applicable to a large percentage of power conversion applications, and also form the basis for discretely implemented power-conversion subsystems.

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The second session, called Analog and Hybrid Analog/Digital Control Methods, will build on the basic topologies discussed on Day 1, but will expand the scope to larger power systems. This includes systems where the analog controller is a separate component that requires external or programmed compensation. The instructor will discuss analog and hybrid analog/digital controller capabilities, system tradeoffs, stability concerns, and best layout practices.

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Finally on Day 3, the analog control system will be converted into a digital control system in the classed titled Digital Control Methods. Digital filtering algorithms will replace the analog compensation components, and the control considerations using digital signal processing chips. This final session will also include a full session question and answer period at the end, and topics from all three days are fair game.

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The power-conversion classes are sponsored by Microchip, and the company’s products will be used where applicable as design examples.

Rich Nass, Embedded Computing Brand Director
Analog & Power