Littelfuse Introduces a Single Cell Super Capacitor Protection IC

By Chad Cox

Production Editor

Embedded Computing Design

May 06, 2024


Littelfuse Introduces a Single Cell Super Capacitor Protection IC
Image Credit: Littelfuse

Chicago, Illinois. Littelfuse, Inc. introduced its LS0502SCD33S, the newest member of the eFuse Protection IC lineup. The design introduces the Single Cell Super Capacitor Protection IC, developed specifically for charging backup power sources under harsh environments. The LS0502SCD33S leverages supercapacitor technology delivering a broad temperature range and offers superior power/energy density. It efficiently manages high operational voltages (above 3 V).

The solution offers adaptability, consolidation, and efficiency in storing capacitors or capacitor banks. Furthermore, it integrates an ideal diode for reverse blocking, ensuring consistent performance, particularly during input voltage decline.

Bernie Hsieh, Assistant Product Manager for the Protection Semiconductor Division at Littelfuse said, "This extension of the eFuse Protection ICs family broadens our offerings to include protection for portable battery-operated devices, positioning Littelfuse at the forefront of the fast-evolving SuperCap management and protection market."

The LS0502SCD33S is ideal for various SuperCap uses such as:

  • Automotive dash cameras
  • Smart utility meters
  • IoT gadgets
  • Industrial handheld devices
  • Portable electronics with removable batteries

"With the LS0502SCD33S Single Cell SuperCap eFuse, we provide electronic developers a supremely efficient supercapacitor charging protection IC solution integrated into a single component," concludes Hsieh.

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