Five Minutes With… Thomas Stockmeier, COO ams

September 30, 2015

There are now more companies involved in the IoT space than I can count, and the number grows on a daily basis. Hence, each one of those companies, assuming they want to prosper, has to have an edge, or something that they do differently—hopefully better—than everyone else. In the case of ams, they design sensors for the IoT, including things like light sensors. What I discussed with Thomas Stockmeier, ams' COO, is the problem that his products cause, albeit indirectly, which is the generation of huge amounts of data. That generation obviously isn't the problem. The problem is that somebody, or something, has to make sense of all that data. Thomas explained that in some senses, but not completely, that problem gets moved onto the OEM. But you should hear it directly from Thomas.

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