UnitedSiC Introduces 750-V SiC FET Devices

By Rich Nass

Executive Vice President

Embedded Computing Design

February 08, 2021


UnitedSiC Introduces 750-V SiC FET Devices
(Image Courtesy of UnitedSiC)

The fear (that’s probably too strong of a word) surrounding silicon carbide (SiC) power semiconductors has subsided for the most part.

The devices are not mainstream yet, but they are becoming pretty common in many applications, particularly those with the highest voltage and power demands. To that end, UnitedSiC recently released the first four devices based on its advanced Gen 4 SiC FET technology platform.

The company claims that the parts are the first and only 750-V SiC FETs currently available, and they enable new performance levels in such applications as automotive, industrial charging, telecom rectifiers, data center PFC, and DC-to-DC conversion as well as renewable energy and energy storage.

Available in 18- and 60-mΩ options, these SiC FETs offers a reduced on-resistance per unit area and low intrinsic capacitance. In hard-switching applications, the Gen 4 FETs offer a low turn-on and turn-off loss, while in soft-switching apps, they provide lower conduction loss and higher frequency. The specs remain more than competitive at high and low temperatures.

By moving to 750 V, engineers have more headroom and reduced design constraints. The higher VDS rating also makes the devices suitable for 400/500-V bus applications. With a widely compatible gate drive of +/-20V, 5 V Vth, all devices can be driven with 0- to +12-V gate voltages. This means they work with existing SiC MOSFET, Si IGBTs, and Si MOSFET gate drivers.

UnitedSiC expects to announce additional devices over the next nine months to further improve on cost-effectiveness, heat efficiency, and design headroom. Pricing for the newly announced devices start at $3.57 in 1000-piece quantities. All four new FETs are available now.

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