Debug and Test with PLS' UDE SimplyTrace

By Chad Cox

Production Editor

Embedded Computing Design

May 18, 2023


Image Credit: PLS

PLS released its UDE SimplyTrace producing a fast access and convenient trace system tool for processors and a variety of micro-controllers. 

The trace function design utilizing the UDE SimplyTrace protocols can be customized and expanded. PLS' UDE SimplyTrace functions having abstraction throughout various layers including, the bottom layer holding functions for the on-chip trace components and the top layer contains the software engineer’s use cases.


During first integration, the UDE SimplyTrace enables general program trace and basic data use cases (observation of data accesses to variables). Expert designers can start utilizing the Universal Emulation Configurator (UEC) for edits with the provided tools from PLS.

Training on the UDE SimplyTrace is simple to start, but it continues into a steep learning curve. When integrated into a system it simplifies functions such as software testing, run-time analysis, and system optimization phases. 

The UDE SimplyTrace functions are now available for:

  • Infineon AURIX family
  • Arm Cortex MCUs with the corresponding CoreSight debug and trace system, and for
  • Devices based on PowerArchitecture with NEXUS Class 3 trace suppor

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