Global Certification Forum Validates IMS Test Cases from Rohde & Schwarz

By Perry Cohen

Associate Editor

Embedded Computing Design

March 31, 2021


Global Certification Forum Validates IMS Test Cases from Rohde & Schwarz
(Image courtesy of Rohde & Schwarz)

Rohde & Schwarz announced that the Global Certification Forum has validated its IMS conformance test cases for 5G NR, using a 5G device under test from mobile platform provider MediaTek (MTK).

Following the validation, the test cases are now able to be used for certification testing according to the GCF. Per a company press release, this comes only a few weeks after the validation of the IMS test cases by the PTCRB.

Cellular devices must be accredited by either GCF or PTCRB in order to be sure they will work properly within different mobile networks. This step in the process is mandatory before a device can be accepted by network operators. Tests for IP Multimedia Subsystems are part of the certification.

The company’s solution for conformance testing is based on the R&S CMW500 protocol conformance tester.

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