HiveMQ's MQTT Broker Dodges Google IoT Core

By Chad Cox

Production Editor

Embedded Computing Design

September 26, 2022


HiveMQ's MQTT Broker Dodges Google IoT Core
Image Provided by HiveMQ

LANDSHUT, GERMANY. HiveMQ released HiveMQ Enterprise Extension, a “scalable solution… to deploy business critical IoT systems,” said Christian Götz, CEO and Co-founder of HiveMQ.

The HiveMQ Enterprise Extension is capable of authenticating data, seamlessly transfer data, the aggregation and distribution of messages, conversion of MQTT user properties, ability to add MQTT automatically, and perform additional maneuvering of messages in both directions.  

With the recent announcement that Google will move away from  Google IoT Core, the HiveMQ Enterprise Extension will allow “customers …to benefit from advanced Google Cloud services while keeping their ecosystem agile with an open standards-based architecture,” added Götz.

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