10'' Fully Rugged Android Tablet with Sunlight Readable LCD Available

August 04, 2020

Press Release

10'' Fully Rugged Android Tablet with Sunlight Readable LCD Available

Estone Technology is pleased to announce the new fully rugged Android Tablet MDA-100.

Estone Technology is pleased to announce the new fully rugged Android Tablet MDA-100. The MDA-100 represents a combination of the most popular rugged features and modules in a compact, 10"" screen platform. The device is ready for OEM/ODM design and manufacturing. It is a purpose-built, application-specific rugged tablet, intended for use in all types of mobile device settings, including healthcare, construction, oil and gas, logistics, and so on.

Estone's MDA-100 is powered with a fast dual-Core Cortex-A 72 processor, pairing with Quad-Core Cortex-A53 that has high compute density and infrastructure compatibility. It runs in an Android 8.0 OS, up to 4GB memory and 128GB eMMC storage. The 10.1-inch sunlight-readable display (1920x1200 Resolution) has an optional 800 NIT for outdoor/full sunlight usage.

Fully rugged, full IP65, and 4ft Drop/Shock Protection (MIL-STD-810G compliant), the product withstands the harshest environment with drops, dust, water, falls, and vibration. It runs without interruption rather than having to stop for a battery recharge with internal hot-swappable battery design, making it perfect for field workers.

With complete wireless connectivity, including WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, and blazing-fast 4G LTE

Connectivity, field workers can access or exchange data in real-time, ensuring safety, efficiency, and reliability.

For efficiency, security, and safety, MDA-100 offers optional barcode & fingerprint scanner, CAC Card, and NFC & RFID Reader, allowing the function of inventory management, asset tracking, security card checking, ID identification, and more.

MDA-100 has rich accessories. It can be easily carried, used in the docking station as a base PC, or mounted via VESA mounting holes wall dock and used as a panel PC. It also comes with the keyboard to make writing easier. The device also features rich I/O port options, including RJ45,

USB 3.0, Micro SD & SIM slot, and HDMI, among others.

MDA-100 is designed for retailers, field service providers, healthcare, transportation, and logistics companies in all-weather conditions. Its waterproof feature and rugged exterior make it easy for disinfection and cleaning, empowering healthcare professionals and field workers combating COVID-19.Highlighted Product Specifications follows:

•          10"" Rugged Industrial/Medical Tablet

•          Dual-Core Cortex-A 72, Quad-Core Cortex-A53

•          Android 8.0 Operating System

•          Optional Barcode& Fingerprint Scanner, CAC Card, NFC& RFID Reader

•          Hot Swappable Battery for Unlimited Runtime

•          Full lP65 Water & Dust Protection

•          4ft Drop/Shock Protection (MIL- STD-810G)

•          Optional Outdoor LCD Display (800 NIT)

Product Page link: https://estonetech.com/products/rugged-tablets/mda-100-android-rugged-tablet

Product Datasheet link: https://estonetech.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/05/MDA-100.pdf

Product Pictures link: https://drive.google.com/drive/u/0/folders/1ECYic9YQ8Zqo9q2a3MAA9eztG72uf-RV

Product news link: https://estonetech.com/company-news/estones-new-10-fully-rugged-android-tablet

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