Product of the Week: Zymbit’s Secure Edge Fabric for IoT Deployments and Beyond

June 24, 2024

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Product of the Week: Zymbit’s Secure Edge Fabric for IoT Deployments and Beyond

The modern world of IoT has found it challenging to develop a single solution that meets all the requirements of enterprise IoT, such as enhanced security in zero-trust environments, scalability, flexibility, and long-term operability, in environments like retail automation, industrial IoT, and remote healthcare industries.

Zymbit’s new Secure Edge Fabric utilizes a hybrid architecture to address these challenges in one, cohesive platform. By combining embedded Linux compute nodes with non-Linux intelligent I/O, the Secure Edge Fabric enables secure edge compute and control capabilities, and includes Bootware 1.0 unified endpoint security management tools, Secure Edge Node 400, Tiny Nodes, and Zymbit’s core HSxM (hardware security module) secure supervisor silicon.

Zymbit’s Secure Edge Fabric in Action

The Secure Edge Node 400 is a third-generation Linux compute node supporting modular hardware configurations and small to large IoT deployments. The Secure Edge Node 400 supports a customizable baseboard with the previously mentioned HSxM.

The HSxM Core Silicon supports node supervision, safe state recovery, secure management of encrypted file systems, and over-the-air updates and cryptographic techniques for complex IoT fleet​ management.

Additionally, the Tiny Nodes are designed to be produced in high volumes, enabling a low-cost and easily managed feature for large-scale IoT applications. They can operate independently or in combination with Secure Edge Nodes.

The Bootware 1.0, optimized for ARMv8 CPUs, enables security management updates and recovery and includes features like A/B/S updates, cryptographic services, physical protection, and integration with Raspberry Pi OS and Ubuntu.

Getting Started with Zymbit’s Secure Edge Fabric

Zymbit’s Documentation Site provides users with additional information to help them get started with the Secure Edge Node, HSM4, Bootware 1.1, and more.

Zymbit’s new Secure Edge Fabric is available now for order from Zymbit’s webstore.

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