Reducing manufacturing costs & complexity with CIRRENT™️ Cloud ID security 

July 07, 2022


Reducing manufacturing costs & complexity with CIRRENT™️ Cloud ID security In cloud-connected products, secured connectivity should be easy, flexible, cost-effective and robust. But it’s not with device security. Secured connectivity depends on building a cryptographically protected, authenticated, unique device identity (ID) into every Internet of Things (IoT) device. Configuring that identity is a tough problem to solve--until now. Find out how Infineon Technologies is helping companies eliminate this problem. 
This white paper addresses the challenges of device security, current high-level solutions, and why CIRRENT™️ Cloud ID is an ideal approach for IoT applications involving a variety of IoT devices. Find out how Cloud ID, a unique IoT device-to-cloud service, is making device authentication easier, more cost effective and more secure by automating cloud provisioning of device certificates. 

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