A Path Forward for the Resource-Constrained Edge Part 2

September 01, 2022


A Path Forward for the Resource-Constrained Edge Part 2PICMG’s COM HPC®️ specification delivers a scalable infrastructure upgrade for cloud data exchanges where high performance and robust networking are a must.  Featuring higher bandwidth interfaces across the board, a broad power envelope, and multi architecture support, the open standard is designed to satisfy the requirements of next generation IoT systems. Specifically, COM HPC®️ enables the creation of advanced computing platforms that can reduce latency, minimize expensive data transfers over the network, and add unprecedented intelligence across the edge fog cloud continuum.

In the previous white paper “A Path Forward for the Resource Constrained Edge – Part 1” we reviewed the technical merits of COM HPC®️ as a next generation edge compute and networking platform and introduced module solutions based on the standard that demonstrate its capabilities in embedded environments. Now, in Part two, we look deeper at the technology in robotics, medical imaging, and edge video surveillance deployments as well as three simple steps for designing and implementing custom-off the shelf COM HPC®️ solutions.

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Download Whitepaper