Embedded World 2019 Best in Show Award Nominees: Wired, Wireless Networking & IoT

February 22, 2019


Embedded World 2019 Best in Show Award Nominees: Wired, Wireless Networking & IoT

Embedded Computing Design's Best in Show Awards recognize innovative solutions for electronics engineers that will be showcased at Embedded World 2019. Here, we outline wired/wireless IoT networking.

Embedded Computing Design's Best in Show Awards recognize innovative solutions for embedded, IoT, and machine learning engineers that will be showcased at the Embedded World 2019 Exhibition & Conference. Here, we outline nominees for the 2019 Best in Show Award in the category of Wired and Wireless Networking, and IoT.

Digi International Digi XBee3 Cellular LTE-M/NB-IoT Module

The Digi XBee3 Cellular LTE-M/NB-IoT module provides cellular connectivity for IoT applications. This compact module is pre-certified, engineered to accelerate development and deployment of low-power applications, and features a power-saving mode to extend battery life. Most importantly, it offers one hardware platform for use on LTE-M and NB-IoT networks, with multi-band support to integrate with many carriers. Additional features include MicroPython programmability for edge compute applications, integrated Digi TrustFence security framework, and integrated software for configuration and remote management. Additionally, the module has a dual-mode radio for configuration over Bluetooth low energy using the Digi XBee Mobile App.

The Digi XBee3 Cellular LTE-M/NB-IoT module is an innovative, feature-rich product designed for flexibility, cost-management, security, and rapid deployment.

  • Flexibility: One module provides support for both LTE-M and NB-IoT networks.
  • Cost management: Advanced power-saving features support low-power applications, reducing battery management and cellular data costs.
  • Security: The module's built-in Digi TrustFence security, identity, and data privacy features use more than 175 controls to protect against new and evolving cyber threats.
  • Rapid deployment: The module is FCC certified, carrier end-device certified, and CE/RED certified for international drop-in deployment. Additionally, an entire network of modules can be configured rapidly with integrated software.
Datasheet: https://f002.backblazeb2.com/file/bestinshowawards/public/entries/1549931545.phpNaXPBb.pdf

Lantronix xPico 270

This tiny module is a combo dual-band (2.4 Ghz and 5 Ghz) Wi-Fi and Bluetooth gateway. It supports enterprise security and secure boot technology. It is also one of the only combo modules on the market that supports 802.11AC for higher speeds and 802.11R for fast roaming.

Only full featured combo module on the market that is built for the Industrial IoT market, with long lifecycle support, ruggedization, extended temperatures, and industrial-grade security with Secure Boot.
Datasheet: www.lantronix.com/wp-content/uploads/pdf/Lantronix-xPico-200-Data-Sheet.pdf

Nordic Semiconductor nRF9160 SiP Low-Power Cellular IoT Module

Nordic's nRF9160 is an ultra-compact, low-power, global, multi-mode LTE-M/NB-IoT SiP with an integrated Arm Cortex-M33 host processor, Arm TrustZone security, and assisted GPS. The SiP integrates a complete low-power cellular IoT system into a tiny 10 mm x 16 mm x 1.2 mm package that includes modem, transceiver, RF front end, dedicated application processor, Flash memory, power management, and crystal and passive components. The product supports global operation through Nordic's multimode LTE-M/NB-IoT modem, SAW-less transceiver, and custom RF front-end from Qorvo. The integration of Arm TrustZone and Arm CryptoCell-310 security IP ensures the highest level of protection.

The nRF9160 takes the unique value proposal of cellular IoT and adds simplicity to appeal to a broader market. It takes cellular beyond mobile devices and fosters innovation to bring cellular connectivity to anything. By setting new integration, size, and power consumption benchmarks, coupled with its ease-of-use, the nRF91 Series unleashes the huge potential of cellular in IoT. The Nordic Semiconductor nRF91 Series includes a complete suite of software and development tools to accelerate innovation and product development. The nRF9160 SiP enables developers to concentrate on what they do best: design exceptional products and services using cellular technology.
Datasheet: https://f002.backblazeb2.com/file/bestinshowawards/public/entries/1549994190.phpsgiEiF.pdf

Silicon Labs Wireless Gecko Wi-Fi Portfolio

Silicon Labs' low-power Wireless Gecko Wi-Fi portfolio is designed to simplify the design of power-sensitive Wi-Fi products, including battery-powered IP security cameras, point-of-sale scanners, asset trackers, and personal medical devices. The portfolio includes three device types:

  • The pre-certified WGM160P module with an onboard Gecko MCU, integrated antenna, large memory (2 MB flash and 512K RAM), and extensive peripheral capabilities including Ethernet and capacitive touch.
  • The WFM200 module, the smallest pre-certified Wi-Fi SiP device with an integrated antenna and a perfect fit for space-constrained designs.
  • The WF200 transceiver IC, offering a cost-effective way to add Wi-Fi to existing high-volume designs.
Designed for the specific needs of IoT applications, the Wi-Fi portfolio cuts power consumption in half compared to competitive offerings. The combination of industry-leading transmit (138 mA), receive (48 mA), and sleep (<40 µA) current enables power-saving advantages for all IoT use cases. The Wi-Fi portfolio enables IoT product design breakthroughs that weren't possible until now. Developers now have a Wi-Fi solution that's truly optimized for IoT application requirements and addresses major concerns around power, RF performance, size, and security. Developers can get started in minutes using comprehensive development tools and a starter kit with embedded and Linux host drivers.
Datasheet: https://f002.backblazeb2.com/file/bestinshowawards/public/entries/1550252484.phpMFWUVO.pdf

Snips Satellite


Snips Satellite is an embedded, lightweight voice-streaming solution that runs on microcontrollers and allows OEMs to easily create secure, closed-circuit voice networks. By streaming commands and queries to CPU-powered hubs and devices, OEMs can use Snips Satellite "nodes" to effectively extend the reach of their local and offline voice control up to 300 meters without any latency or lag. Snips was recently awarded the "Best of Innovation" prize for Embedded Technology at CES 2019.

Snips has built a catalogue of voice AI solutions that run on the edge instead of processing data in the cloud. This allows companies to put their brand identity first. With Snips Satellite, OEMs can offer their customers an innovative experience with a high-performance voice mesh network within their homes or offices without ever jeopardizing their privacy. Snips Satellite (and all of our other products) guarantees privacy by design – no personal user data is ever collected. The resulting voice streaming engine runs in real-time, entirely offline, and runs on microcontrollers, making it affordable to OEMs.

SYS TEC electronic AG sysWORXX SRN-300 Short-Range Radio Node with Meshnet Functionality

The functionality of the Short Range Radio Node (SRN) includes both sensors and actuators. In addition to sending and receiving data, control tasks can also be implemented within the node. Digital outputs with bistable relays are available for this purpose. Any physical quantities of a machine can thus be connected directly to the node. On the software side, a software stack from Wirepas in Finland is used. This makes it possible to activate the node only when necessary. The result is enormously low energy consumption and thus a long battery life of up to three years.

Standard sensors with standard interfaces such as voltage interfaces of 0 - 10V, 24 mA, etc. can be connected directly to the node. This allows any physical quantities that are measured in the machine to be coupled to the node for forwarding to a gateway. You do not have to rely on sensors that can only transmit certain quantities, but you can use the node in many different ways with the help of the industrial interfaces.
Datasheet: https://f002.backblazeb2.com/file/bestinshowawards/public/entries/1548145893.phplwwgnS.pdf

Wind River Edge Sync

Wind River Edge Sync is a software platform for remote over-the-air (OTA) updates and software lifecycle management. It allows for rapid, safe, and secure updates to software and firmware throughout the vehicle's entire lifetime, from initial development through to end-of-life. Edge Sync enables fast, cost-effective solutions for software-related updates, corrections to security vulnerabilities, and feature-related recalls. Edge Sync also provides carmakers with a platform for post-deployment monetization leveraging insights from vehicle data, and a way to extend a car's value with the introduction of new features over time.

A highly modular, end-to-end OTA update and software lifecycle management solution, Edge Sync enables rapid, cost-effective solutions for software-related updates, corrections to security vulnerabilities, and feature-related recalls. With OTA updates, all of these updates can be done remotely and with no need to visit dealerships. This saves consumers time, increases convenience, and improves their experience. Automakers can deliver greater or new value to consumers with the introduction of new and exciting value-add features to vehicles that are already in the hands of customers. Gaining strong traction in the market, our Edge Sync technology has been supplied to Ford.
Datasheet: https://f002.backblazeb2.com/file/bestinshowawards/public/entries/1549657046.phpIwNmJr.pdf

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